Yuri Gagarin (SonicBlast Moledo 2017)

Yuri Gagarin is a Swedish instrumental heavy psychedelic rock band formed in the beginning of 2012. The band started out as a three-piece with Crille on guitar, Steffo playing the drums and Leif on bass guitar. After a while they added Robin to the band, a synth player. After a couple of months Jon as a second guitarist to make the sound bigger and fill the riffage space. After playing for a couple of months they recorded some songs with a simple digital recording device in their practice space and put them up on Soundcloud. They recorded four tracks on a new local label in Gothenburg which got released in October 2013 and in 2014 the album was remixed by Linus Andersson.

Discography: Yuri Gagarin (Levande Begravd Records, 2013), Sea of Dust EP (Linus Andersson, 2015), At the Center of All Infinity LP and CD (2015)

Members: Christian “Crille” Lindberg (lead guitar), Leif Göransson (bass guitar), Stefan “Steffo” Johansson (drums), Robin Klockerman (synthesizers), Jon Eriksson (rhythm guitar).

You can know more about the band here and here.

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