Visiting Nettie’s Atelier

The other side of seeing/Para lá do visível (Isolina Carvalho)

Visiting the studio of artist Nettie Burnett is a thrilling adventure. The first thing we see is a vast enigmatic and apparently empty world of grey and silence, but it is no more than an illusion. If we consider that looking is not the same as seeing, a fascinating world is revealed in the works we gradually discover there. It is a world that can as easily be inscribed in the mountains moulded by the passage of time, as appear unexpectedly in the dusky ground mist of what lies ahead or yet in the veneration of telluric values of the soil and vineyards of the distant Douro, as an eternal monument to silent and peaceful days. Here, the artist has used beauty and art to draw not only the time of the translucently shadowed mountain ranges but also an involvement with the landscape that lies beyond its origin, visible in its appearance as unchanging, reminding us of times immemorial. We look again and discover that the space is filled with shapes and memories fluttering like shadowy white birds or unlikely firebirds; wafted by the whistling wind over the river where almost invisibly or in a poetic magical dance they come to rest each day at sunset. Her drawings can be seen, either propped up, like imposing ephemeral landscapes to which we are most definitely linked, or else flying along the bare walls, in time that is earth-coloured and that one day settled down for a silent dialogue greater than words, where the essence of the works lies on the other side of seeing. (…)

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