Truckfighters (SonicBlast Moledo 2016)

Their sound is anchored by vocalist/bassist Ozo, the drummer El Danno  and his left guitarist Dango.

“Playing shows is the greatest thing you can do in a band. You can play people the music that you made, and see that exchange of energy,” says Niklas ‘Dango’ Källgren (the guitarist). “The energy is the key, it’s a give and take thing with the crowd. We get excited by the people there, the songs, the volume and the power and so we go a bit crazy. We don’t allow things to get boring, we keep things new and exciting live. Every night when we play, we want the show to be crazy.”

To hear Truckfighters’ music, is to hear the sounds of the desert. It’s in their wide open expanse, it’s in their grand open groove and dust-caked metal riffs. You can hear progression and imagination.

Know more about the band here.


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