Tiago Bettencourt released his latest album “a procura” in September 2017.

“do princípio” was edited in May 2014 and re-edited it on December 2014 with 6 additional live tracks (available here).

His previous album “Acústico” was released in 2012 with 15 new unplugged versions of songs mainly from the previous solo albums of Tiago Bettencourt (“O Jardim” 2007 and “Em Fuga” 2010), but also hits from his former band Toranja dissolved in 2006 (“Esquissos” from 2003 and “Segundo” from 2005).

“Tiago na Toca e os Poetas”, a kind of hybrid CD-book released in 2011, is a side-project where Tiago Bettencourt set to music 13 poems from portuguese poets, recorded between 2007 and 2010.

Pictures from Tiago Bettencourt (vocals, piano, guitar), Tiago Maia (bass, percussion, acoustic guitar), João Lencastre (drums, percussion), Daniel Lima (piano, hammond, accordion), Kid Gomez (electronics), João Nuno Paulo Rato (piano), João Hasselberg (bass, double bass) at: FNAC NorteShopping (2017), Auditório Municipal de Gondomar (October 2016), Festival Vilar de Mouros (August 2016), Cerveira Acústica (August 2016), Mercado Bom Sucesso (June 2016), Centro Cultural de Viana do Castelo (May 2016), Casa da Música (March 2016), Coliseu do Porto (November 2015), Mar Summer Music (July 2015), ExpoLima (July 2015), 13th Edition Sons de Vez (March 2015); Teatro Académico Gil Vicente (December 2014); Vila do Conde The Style Outlets (November 2014) and Casa das Artes Famalicão (May 2014). Tiago Bettencourt solo at FNAC: Porto/Braga/Matosinhos (2014); Teatro Valadares (September, 2013); Theatro Circo (June, 2013).

For further information visit here and here.

More pictures from Tiago Bettencourt here, herehere and here.

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