The Legendary Tigerman | Viana Bate Forte 2018

The Legendary Tigerman

The Legendary Tigerman is Paulo Furtado, a Portuguese blues musician. He started playing blues music as a one-man band, accompanying his singing with guitar, harmonica and drums alone on stage, until 2014. His most recent album, “MISFIT”, is the first album in which he leaves the one man band format.

The actual formation is: Paulo Furtado (guitar/vocals), Paulo Segadães (drums), João Cabrita (saxophone baritone), Filipe Rocha (low bass).

Discography: Naked Blues (2002); Fuck Christmas, I Got the Blues (2003); In Cold Blood (2004); Masquerade (2006); Femina (2009); True (2014); Misfit (2018).

You can know more about The Legendary Tigerman here.

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