The Legendary Tigerman (Sons de Vez, 2018)

The Legendary Tigerman

The Legendary Tigerman is Paulo Furtado, is a Portuguese blues musician. He started playing blues music as a one-man band style, accompanying his singing with guitar, harmonica and drums alone on stage, until 2014. His most recent album, “MISFIT”, is a turning point in the career of Paulo Furtado, since it is the first album in which he leaves the one man band format.

The actual formation is: Paulo Furtado (guitar/vocals), Paulo Segadães (drums), João Cabrita (axophone baritone), Filipe Rocha (low bass).

Discography: Naked Blues (2002); Fuck Christmas, I Got the Blues (2003); In Cold Blood (2004); Masquerade (2006); Femina (2009); True (2014); Misfit (2018).

You can know more about The Legendary Tigerman here.

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