The Last Internationale – “Ponte de Lima é uma Surpresa”

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The American hard-rock band “The Last Internationale” was founded by singer Delila Paz and guitarist Edgey Pires. The band’s career began in 2013 with the EP “New York, I Do Mind Dying”, followed by the debut album “We Will Reign” released in 2014 on Epic Records. In 2017 they edited “TLI Unplugged” and recently released their third album “Soul on Fire” independently produced and released in February 2019.

The rebel rockers, featured with special guest Miguel Marques, took the stage of “Ponte de Lima é uma surpresa” in an acoustic explosive performance, on August 6.

During the concert was evident the passion that the band nurtures for Portugal and that rock is still alive in pandemic times.

More about The Last Internationale here. You can follow the band here.

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