The Cosmic Dead (SonicBlast Moledo 2017)

The Cosmic Dead (the name comes from an ancient order of forward thinkers known collectively as “the cosmische”) are an experimental psychedelic space rock quartet from Glasgow, Scotland (UK), formed in 2010. Them music is a all-enveloping web of sonic experimentation, stratospheric riffing, otherworldly ambience and kosmische textures, blending classic space rock influences such as Hawkwind and Gong with touches of Krautrock pioneers Neu and Faust.

Members: Omar Aborida (bass), Lewis Cook (keyboard), Julian Dicken (drum) and James T McKay (guitar).

Discography: Psychonaut (2011), Cozmik Live Aktion (2012), The Cosmic Dead (2012), Live at Note (cassete, 2013), The Exalted King (2013), Inner Sanctum (2013), Orbiting Salvation (2014), Easterfaust (2014), Eccie Bam Yas, E? (2015), Rainbowhead (2016), Psych Is Dead (2017).

You can know more about Cosmic Dead here.

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