Selah Sue – Reason (Centro de Artes de Águeda, 2018)

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Selah Sue is a Belgian songwriter and musician. At age fifteen she learned to play the acoustic guitar and started to write her own songs. Since her late teens Selah Sue has skillfully refined her signature blend of soul, hip-hop, funk, and reggae into a powerful force.

Sue’s first EP was released in January 2009, under the title “Black Part Love”. The subsequent EP “Raggamuffin”  was released in 2010 and in 2014 she relesead the EP “Alone”. Her self-titled debut album “Selah Sue” was relead in 2011, followed by Rarities (2012), Reason (2015) and Reason Remixes (2016). The last album goes from reggae sounds on “Sadness,” which was recorded in Jamaica, to dance beats on “Alone” that masks a sorrowful story behind the upbeat tempo.

Back to the basics in all its purity, after a period of rest Selah Sue is touring Europe returning stronger than ever with an intimate concert of acoustic versions of her hits and new songs.

You can know more about Selah Sue here and here.

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