Sean Riley & The Slowriders (Noites Ritual, 2017)

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“Noites Ritual”, the oldest music festival that has been held, without interval, year after year in Portugal, commemorated 25 years last September. With free entrance, this festival is sponsored by Porto City Hall. The focus has always been national music, promoting and sharing projects that are now well established in the music scene.

The programme included: Repórter Estrábico and The Legendary Tigerman (Friday, 15 September); Sean Riley & The Slowriders and Rita Redshoes & The Ritual Band (Saturday, 16 September).

Sean Riley & The Slowriders is a Portuguese band from Coimbra formed in 2007, by: Afonso Rodrigues (voice, guitar, harmonica, organ), Filipe Costa (organ, piano, guitar, bass, drums, harmonica), Bruno Simões (bass, guitar, melodica), and Filipe Rocha (drums, upright bass, glockenspiel). His debut album “Farewell” was released in the same year.

Discography: Farewell (CD, 2007), Moving On (Vinyl, 2007), Only Time Will Tell (CD, 2009), It’s Been A Long Night (CD, 2011), Sean Riley & The Slowriders (2016).

Youbcan kniw more about the band here.

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