Sarah McCoy – Blood Siren Tour (Teatro Diogo Bernardes, Ponte de Lima)

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Everything you could say about Sarah McCoy is not enough. She is an irresistible seductress, and her radiance unearthly beautiful.

Acting as the booming front force, the singer-songwriter Sarah McCoy uses her musical and theatrical training to construct an environment rich with mood. However, all her powerful laughts and cheeky gestures can not hide the extremely vulnerable personality behind her.

Sarah McCoy, a street musician and bar pianist in New Orleans pubs where she had acquired part of her musical armor, has a range of timbres and expressive scales like no other singer on the fringes of blues, rock, pop, soul and jazz. Phenomenal is also how she suddenly puts between all the whispering, puffing, roaring in her terrific blues voice, pianistic rhythms ornaments that could have come from a Chopin nocturne.

“Blood Siren”, the first album of Sarah McCoy was edited on January 25, 2019. In juxtaposition to her growling waltzes and deadly lullabies, during the concert you could listen ballads like the bittersweet “Mamma’s Song” and the emotionally charged “Boogie man”, or powerful songs like “Creep”, “Hot shot”, “Long way home”.

You can know more about her here and follow her work here.

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