Sandy Kilpatrick & The Origins Band (Theatro Circo, Braga 2017)

Spiritual. Philosopher. Songwriter. Dreamer. Sandy Kilpatrick is an acoustic folk music singer-songwriter from Scotland, currently based in Portugal having been born and raised in Scotland.

His new album, “Confessions from the South”, his third complete work, was presented in Theatro Circo (Braga, Portugal), on last 17th March. For this new Album Sandy had the collaboration of “The Origins Band” and he went from North to South of Portugal and wrote in almost every place he visited with the songs flowing perfectly along with the places with beautiful scenery descriptions holding hands with great philosophy lessons.

Sandy’s music not only is this retreat as it will transport with his weathered, worn voice to the places he used as inspiration as long as you close your eyes.

Sandy Kilpatrick – vocals and guitar, and The Origins Band: André Silvestre – piano, Edgar Ferreira – guitar, Pedro André – bass, José Barroso – trumpet, Pedro Gonçalves de Oliveira – drums. He had as special guest Inês Kilpatrick.

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You can buy the new album “Confessions from The South” here:


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