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Samuel Úria (Vilar de Mouros)

Samuel Úria is a Portuguese singer/songwriter, singular in the mother language and unique in the melodies. With a background marked by punk, rock & roll and the low-fi aesthetics, he has gained notoriety since 2008.

In his early solo career  released the EP “Samuel Úria e as Velhas Glórias” (2003) and the album “O Caminho Ferroviário Estreito” (2005) followed by “Samuel Úria em Bruto” (2008), “Nem Lhe Tocava” (2009), “A Descondecoração de Samuel Úria” (2010), and “O Grande Medo do Pequeno Mundo” (2013). Recently published “Carga de Ombro” (2016).

Here you can find information about Samuel Úria.

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