Rodrigo Leão & Scott Matthew – Life Is Long (Cineteatro dos Bombeiros de Vila Praia de Âncora)

The story of an improbable meeting that was inevitably meant to be, between the Portuguese composer Rodrigo Leão and the Australian singer-songwriter, based in New York City, Scott Matthew.

“Life Is Long”, the first album from Scott Mathew and Rodrigo Leão, was released in Portugal in September 2016. They had collaborated before in 2011 in Rodrigo’s album “The Magic Mountain”, and in 2012 for the compilation “Songs”. “Together, they attain that special magic that happens when two artists push each other to move forward, to move further, to take off in new directions.” Scott Matthew’s warm and unique voice hush the public into silence, in a quiet but breathtaking

The band: Rodrigo Leão (keyboards, bass), Scott Matthew (guitar, vocals), João Eleutério (guitar, bass), Viviena Tupikova (keyboards, violin),Marco Alves (trombone, metallophone), Frederico Gracias (drums).

You can find more information about the artists here, here and here.

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