Rita Redshoes (Festival Viana Bate Forte, 2017)

Rita Redshoes (b.1981) is a Portuguese singer, arranger, producer, composer and multi-instrumentalist. Her solo debut album “Golden Era” was released in 2008. Later that year she was nominated for Best Portuguese Artist of the Year at the MTV Europe Music Awards and for the Best Revelation in 2008 at the Portuguese Golden Globes. In 2010 edited “Lights & Darks” and in 2011, with The Legendary Tigerman, she gives a series of film-concerts, playing the soundtrack for the film “Estrada de Palha”, directed by Rodrigo Areias. In 2013 Rita collaborated again with The Legendary Tigerman composing the soundtrack for the film Der Schlingel – O Facínora, by Conrad Wilhelm Meyersick. “Life Is A Second Of Love” (2014) was her third studio album, and “Her” (2016), the latest one.

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