Raquel Tavares (Festival Viana Bate Forte, 2017)

Raquel Tavares (b. 1985, Lisbon) is one of the most recognised fadistas in the new Portuguese generation of singers.

Raquel debuts in April 1991 in Lisbon, the place where she lived ever since. At age of 12, begins to participate in Fado contests nationwide, winning first 12 places. Raquel Tavares wins “A Grande Noite do Fado” award in Lisbon Coliseum in 1997. Her debut album was “Porque Canto Fado” (1999).  She won the Amália Rodrigues Revelation Award and the Revelation Award by Casa da Imprensa in 2006, after releasing her album called “Raquel Tavares”. In 2008, she releases the second record “Bairro” and in 2016 releases the album “Raquel”. After the great success of “Raquel”, the end of 2017 is marked the release of “Roberto Carlos por Raquel Tavares – Do Fundo Do Meu Coração”, a tribute album, which features the participation of Caetano Veloso and Ana Carolina, who is already platinum and has led the Top National Sales.

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