Paula Rego Exhibited at XIX Bienal Internacional de Arte de Vila Nova de Cerveira

Paula Rego is the main artist honored in the 19th edition of the Biennial. Curated by Helena Mendes Pereira, “Paula Rego and the biographical storytelling way on painting” exhibition presents to the pubic 51 works from private collections, Museums and Foundations, including drawings and paintings, created between 1968 and 2001.

The connection of Paula Rego with the Biennial dates back to the 1st edition (1978), in which participated as an artist, and in 1995, year in which the reproduction of the “Keep” painting was the cover of the catalog of the 8th Bienal Internacional de Vila Nova de Cerveira.

Born in Lisbon (Portugal) in 1935, Paula Rego went to school in Kent and to the Slade in the 50s. Drawing and painting dramatic emotional stories, she was praised for presenting a female point of view, and became the first associate artist at the National Gallery. Paula Rego’s work always has a sense of magical realism; quirky contemporary mythologies pointing to an underlying psychology and sexuality, through a feminine view point.

Paula Rego paints a world of dark fairy tale where childhood stories are thin guises for psycho-sexual intrigue and taboo, where magical realism rules, where nothing is certain except the witchy powers of feminism, and the underlying notion that nothing is as it seems.

You can read more about Paula Rego here.

Guided visits to the exhibition with the curator Helena Mendes Pereira will occur in: July (29 and 30), August (6, 20, 26 and 27), September (10). Previous reservation: 48 hours.

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