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The project “O Gajo” (Trans: “The DUDE”), alter ego of João Morais (b. 1973, Lisbon) was born in 2016. João is a musician since 1988, and he had several bands in the Rock and Punk circuit such as “Corrosão Caótica”, “Carbon H” or “Gazua”.

Mixing folk, rock and fado, with modern musical influences, the compositions are something unique that can sound like fado, but is not fado, or like traditional music, but is not traditional music. He uses one of the oldest Portuguese instruments – the Viola Campaniça – a traditional root instrument with centuries of cultural history, also known as Viola Alentejana.

The first record “Longe do Chão” was out on 2017 and the last this year was released “As 4 Estações”. This collection of 20 songs in 4 EPs was edited in four moments of 2019, making each of these moments correspond to each of the four seasons of the year – Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn.

Rossio, Santa Apolónia, Alcântara-Terra and Cais do Sodré give the motto for the journey from where you leave Lisbon to the world. Not with a real destiny, certain and determined, but evocative of the many journeys and memories that inhabit the imaginary of the one who hears.

This four-part work invites the listener to experience the multiple spaces and emotional colours that are born from the plasticity of the Viola Campaniça and the creative universe of O GAJO, in all its routes, narratives and sound landscapes.

You can follow his work here.

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