Noiserv | Viana Bate Forte 2018

Noiserv is the solo project of David Santos (b. Lisbon, 1982), a multi-instrumentalist singer/songwriter. With a career of more than 13 years, on stage he combines several instruments, toys, music boxes and an analogue camera, with a loop station.

His first album “56010-92” was released in 2005, and followed by “One Hundred Miles from Thoughtlessness”(2008), “A day in the day of the days”(2010) and “A.V.O. Almost Visible Orchestra”(2013) and “00:00:00:00” (2016).

About his music he says; “Noiserv is my way to feel the world, my way to tell my feelings to the people. It’s myself if I was a song”.

You can know more about Noiserv here.

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