NADIA SCHILLING – ” Above The Trees “ | Teatro Diogo Bernardes (Ponte de Lima)

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Nadia Schilling, a Portuguese singer-songwriter, presented last Nov. 16, at Teatro Diogo Bernardes, her debut solo album “Above The Trees”, released November 2017. She edited also “Covers EP” (2015) and the single “Bite the Bullet” (2016).

In 2012, Nadia Schilling joined the band Loopooloo. She was also part of a jazz quintet with whom she recorded the “Blue EP” (2016).

The songs from “Above the Trees” were all composed on an old acoustic guitar inherited from her grandfather after the difficult time that followed her mother’s death. The sound of these songs is based on folk elements, but also of rock and jazz.

The band: Nadia Schilling (vocals, guitar), Bruno Pedroso (drums), Filipe Melo (piano & rhodes), João Hasselberg (bass & double bass).

You can know more about Schilling work here, and follow her here.

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