Moonshiners (Teatro Diogo Bernardes, Ponte de Lima)

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Moonshiners are a blues/rock Portuguese band from Aveiro, formed by Gamblin’ Sam (vocals and harp), Susie Filipe (drums) and Victor Hugo (vocals and guitar). The band was born at the beginning of 2011. Moonshiners present themselves as “smugglers of melodies and emotions who will certainly shine as much or even more than the full moon in their visceral and galvanizing performances” and “the songs draw their own image from the street corners and hidden alleys, red-light districts and taverns, down-town attics with low ceilings and windows facing the dawn.”

Their debut EP “Moonshiners” was released in 2013 and consisted of six original songs about “whisky and beer, endless talks between God and the devil and wandering requiems to love gone bad”. “Good news for girls who have no sex appeal” (with special guest Paul Furtado – The Legendary Tigerman), the second EP, was released in 2015. In 2017, they perform in Holland, Hungary and Spain. Moonshiners’ first album, “Prohibition Edition”,will be out in February 2018.

The concert had also the participation of the musicians: Bruno Barreto and Gabriel Neves.

You can know more about the band here and here.

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