Monolord (SonicBlast Moledo 2017)

Monolord is a Swedish heavy psychedelic fuzz doom band from Gothenburg that emerged in 2013. The trio is composed by Thomas V Jäger (guitars, vocals), Esben Williams (drums), and Mika Häkki (bass).

Thomas lyrically explores the dark core of humanity: “Misanthropy is an ever-present theme in everything we do. The disgust for what humans do to each other and to the planet is constant. Religion, greed, and power madness run through humanity like incurable diseases, which is, consequentially, a constant stream of inspiration for us.”

Monolord have released a couple of heavy hitting and widely impressive records in the years since their debut album “Empress Rising” (2014) and Vænir (2015) and Rust (2017).

You can know more about Monolord here.

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