Momo – SOLO (Teatro Diogo Bernardes, Ponte de Lima 2017)

Marcelo Frota, aka Momo, is one of the talents to emerge from Brazil in the past few years, currently based in Portugal. His solo debut started on 2006, with A Estética do Rabisco (Dubas Música). Previously, he was in the band Fino Coletivo. His songs are both leaner and dreamier, ambling, quietly soulful psych-folk built around buoyant but melancholy vocal melodies.

Discography: A Estética do Rabisco (2006), Buscador (2008), Serenade of a Sailor (2011), Cadafalso (2013) e voá (2017). In this last work had the collaboration of  Thiago Camelo and Wado and to write some songs and invited the Portuguese singers Rita Redshoes (song “Mimo”) and Camané (song “Alfama”).

You can know more about Momo here and here.

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