MIL IDEIAS PARA A PAZ (idea and coordination from Painter Ana Maria)

Ana Maria was born in Lisbon in 1959. In 1982 graduated in Philosophy at University of Porto, starting her activity as a teacher of secondary education. At the same time, starts her artistic career in various areas of arts. In addition to the activity of a painter, collaborates in art workshops and events organized by artists, galleries and institutions.

Since 2013/14 she has been collaborating with the local community of Arouca. “MIL IDEIAS PARA A PAZ” is a project created by this community in 2016, under the coordination of Ana Maria, with the key “A city with art. Arouca”. You can see it at XIX International Biennial of Cerveira Art, from July 15 to September 16 (2017), in Vila Nova de Cerveira.

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