Melech Mechaya no Teatro Diogo Bernardes (Ponte de Lima 2017)

Melech Mechaya quintet was founded in 2006, in Lisbon, and it is considered one of today’s most interesting Portuguese bands. Inspired by klezmer music, the repertoire couples original arrangements from traditional music and their own compositions. The contagious energy and lighthearted attitude comes to the live performance in a surprising and exciting way.

Melech Mechaya line-up: Miguel Veríssimo (clarinet); João Graça (violin); André Santos (guitar); João Novais (double bass), and Francisco Caiado (percussion).

Discography: “Melech Mechaya” EP (2008), “Budja Ba” (2009), “Aqui em baixo tudo é simples” (2011), “Gente Estranha” (2’14) and “Aurora” (2017).

You can know more about the band here and here.

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