Mariza (Centro Cultural de Viana do Castelo)

Mariza (born Marisa dos Reis Nunes, 1973, Mozambique) is a popular fado singer. At age three, her family moved to Portugal, and she was raised in Lisbon’s historic quarters of Mouraria and Alfama. While very young she began singing in a wide variety of musical styles, including gospel, soul and jazz. Her father strongly encouraged her to adopt fado. Mariza was the first Portuguese musician nominated for a GRAMMY and three BBC Radio 3 Best European Artist awards. Her multi-platinum 2008 album Terra introduced an international sensibility with a scintillating mix of songs from Brazil, Cuba, Cape Verde and, of course, Portugal. The debut album was Fado em Mim (2001). In 2010’s Fado Tradicional, after 5 more works, she returned to her roots, revisiting classic songs in an intimate setting, backed only by acoustic guitar. Five years after was released Fado Tradicional and the Mariza’s long-awaited new album, Mundo, was produced by guitarist Javier Limón in 2015.


Fado em Mim (2001)
Fado Curvo (2003)
Live in London (2005) DVD
Transparente (2005)
Concerto em Lisboa (2006) DVD and CD
Terra (2008)
Fado Tradicional (2010)
Mundo (2015)

The band: Mariza (vocals); Pedro Jóia (classical guitar); José Manuel Neto (Portuguese guitar); Hugo “Vicky” Marques (drums, percussion); Fernando “Yami” Araújo (bass)

You can know more about Mariza here .

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