Márcia (Sons de Vez, 2019)


Márcia is a Portuguese singer-songwriter (b. 1982). She plays since the age of 13 and debuted in 2009 with the EP “Márcia” (Optimus Discos). Her first album “Dá” was released on 2010 (re-edited on November 2011), “Casulo”, the second album, was released on 2013 and “Quarto Crescente” on 2015. The latest album “Vai e vem” was edited last year (2018).

Her harmonic melodies have an influence of pop rock, indie and folk music. She sings with her soul and spreads her beautiful voice through space … and we vibrate with it, by resonance.

Vocals, guitar: Márcia Santos

Guitar, pedal steel: Filipe Monteiro

Guitar: Manuel Dordio

Bass: David Santos

Percussion: Rui Freire

You can know meow about Márcia here and follow her work on Facebook here.

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