Manel Cruz | Viana Bate Forte 2018

Manel Cruz

Manel Cruz started a pop-rock band called Ornatos Violeta in high school with a bunch of friends. Since than he became one of the most respected singer-songwriters of his generation and one of the favorite bands among university students.

In 1997, they released their debut album, Cão, and two years after, they released “O Monstro precisa de amigos”. In the end of 2001, the band quits. After that Manel integrated two more bands: Pluto, a rock outfit with Peixe, from Ornatos Violeta (they released the album “Bom Dia” in 2004); and  SuperNada (in 2012, they released the album “Nada É Possível”). In 2008 Mandel Cruz releases a limited edition of a book of 140 pages with a double album called “O Amor Dá-me Tesão/Não Fui Eu Que Estraguei” under his musical alter-ego Foge Foge Bandido. and in 2018 his first solo album “Cães e Ossos” as Mandel Cruz.

Nico Tricot (voice, transverse flute, keyboards, guitar), Edú Silva (vocals, bass, keyboards) and António Serginho (percussion, keyboards).

More about Mandel Cruz here.

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