Lula Pena (Teatro Diogo Bernardes, Ponte de Lima 2017)

Lula Pena is a Portuguese poet, singer-songwriter and composer of fado and world music, born in Lisbon but raised in the world, with an unique, deep voice, inspired by multiple references.

“Lula Pena’s music is a living organism. It sails on a strange ocean, bordered by continents called folk blues, flamenco, French chanson, phado (that’s how she likes to spell it), bossa nova and others, grazing them all and leaving none intact.”

Discography: Phados (1998), Troubadour (2010) and Archivo Pittoresco (2017).

“The 13 tracks of her last album often flow seamlessly into one another, so do the languages she uses (Portuguese, French, English, Spanish, Greek, Italian) to sing lyrics and poems by writers ranging from Manos Hadjidakis, Violeta Parra and herself to Belgian surrealist Scutenaire to the composers of the original Twilight Zone soundtrack and to many lesser-known names.”

You can know more about Lula Pena here and here.

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