Linda Martini | Viana Bate Forte 2018

Linda Martini

Linda Martini are an alternative rock band formed in the suburbs of Lisbon (Portugal), in 2003. Celebrating 15 years of existence, the band Linda Martini has always surprised and knew to innovate from album to album. Their first demo was recorded between 2004 and 2005 and in 2006 they release their first EP along with their first album “Olhos de Mongol”, a post–rock sound. Following their first EP and LP, the band enjoyed a growing success with the release of the EPs “Marsupial” (2008) and the live-recorded “Intervalo” (2009). “Casa Ocupada”, the second studio album, more punk -hardcore scene, was released in 2010., followed by “Turbo Lento” (2013) and “Sirumba” (2016), a cleaner, lighter and more melodic sound but not necessarily more peaceful. In February 2018, the fifth studio self-titled album “Linda Martini” was released, revealing the woman who inspired the band name.

Linda Martini’s sound is characterized by the use of distorted guitars and feedback but also melodic passages and short, emotional lyrics.

The band: André Henriques (vocals, guitar), Cláudia Guerreiro (bass, harmonica), Hélio Morais (drums), Pedro Geraldes (guitar) and Sérgio Lemos (guitar).

You can follow Linda Martini here.

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