JP Simões (Festival Percursos da Música 2018, Ponte de Lima)

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J.P.Simões (b. 1970) is a Portuguese musician, singer-songwriter, composer and teller of stories, with several albums released, behind projects as Pop Dell’Arte, Belle Chase Hotel and Quinteto Tati. He is also a screenwriter, and occasionally acts. He has given voice to soundtracks for documentaries, and he has appeared in Fernando Vendrell, Edgar Pera, António Ferreira films as well as live performances at Cinema Ideal and Musicbox. He wrote the libretto of “Ópera do Falhado” (2004) sharing the musical creation with composer Sérgio Costa. On television, JP conceived, edited and presented the series of “Quilómetro Zero”, broadcasted by RTP2 in 2008.

With a rich voice his music and live performances are notoriously entertaining and very well known and celebrated, especially in Portugal and Brasil.

He released his first solo album, “1970,” in 2007. Alongside, he edits “O Vírus da Vida” (Sextante Publishing, 2007), a storybook with illustrations by André Carrilho. His second album “Boato” was released in 2009, which recovers some of the previously released songs. In November 2010 he releases a new album, carried out in partnership with composer Afonso Pais “Onde Mora o Mundo”. With the singer Marcia collaborates in the theme “Pele que há em Mim” and becoming one of the biggest hits of 2012. His third album “Roma” was released in 2013. His fourth album was inspired by the late and great Bloom. This new album from JP Simões – like Bloom’s first album – is also entitled “Tremble Like a Flower” (2016). The search for a new sound has taken him on musical paths very different from his usual work, fusing folk bossa nova, jazz and blues in psychedelic landscapes.

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