Gisela João | Viana Bate Forte 2018

Gisela João

Portuguese fado singer Gisela João was born in 1983, in the northern Portuguese city of Barcelos. She isn’t just a powerful voice. Her voice evokes fado as a music of the streets, where it began, infused with all the passion and honesty of an artist rewriting tradition in her own name. She treats fado’s heritage with both deep respect and modern perspective.

Gisela João’s first self-titled CD (released in 2013) within two weeks of release went straight to the top of the Portuguese charts. Singer Gisela João’s second CD, Nua, extends her trailblazing approach to fado-Portugal’s most emblematic music-with a fresh and spirited rejoinder to knee-jerk traditionalism combined with a bold vision of fado’s future.

Gisela João, Ricardo Parreira on the 12-string Portuguese guitar, Nelson Aleixo on the classical guitar, and Francisco Gaspar on the acoustic bass guitar.

You follow her work here.

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