Elisa Rodrigues | Viana Bate Forte 2018

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The Portuguese singer Elisa Rodrigues is one of the most exciting discoveries in recent years on national jazz. With a deep powerful voice she is not strictly a jazz singer, but her love for jazz conquers all, adding something new even when she reinvents songs.

Elisa started singing in the Small Singers of Estoril Choir, in 1994. The first album from Elisa, “Heart Mouth Dialogues”, produced by Júlio Resende, was released in 2011, bringing to a language already personalized the taste of multiple references and learning with distinct influences. In 2013, she toured the world as part of the UK band These New Puritans for the of the disc “Field of Reeds”. That year Elisa Rodrigues was invited also to be a guest artist staring at Rodrigo Leão tour. In 2015 she played by herself at the annual Cairo Jazz Festival, and came back again in 2016 for a couple of gigs. Her second album, the first of originals, “As Blue As Red”, was produced by Luísa Sobral, and release this year in May.

The band: Elisa Rodrigues (voice); Alexandre Alves (drums); Margarida Campelo (keys); João Firmino (guitar); António Quintino (bass).

You can follow her work here and and follow Elisa Rodrigues on facebook.

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