Dead Combo – Festival Percursos da Música (Ponte de Lima)

Dead Combo are an obscure instrumental Portuguese folk duo created in 2003 following the duo’s contribution to the tribute album “Movimentos Perpétuos – Música para Carlos Paredes” of the late Portuguese guitar player Carlos Paredes.

They incorporate a myriad of genres like fado with jazz, alternative, world music, and western compositions, what makes them so innovative. Dead Combo are Tó Trips (electric and acoustic guitar) and Pedro Gonçalves (double bass, electric guitar, melodics, keyboards). Their morbid attitude is not only reflected in the band’s name but also in the roles the two take on during their concerts. According to their website, Dead Combo’s two main members “incarnate two characters that could have come from a comic: a caretaker and a gangster.”

The band has released 5 albums so far having 3 of them been awarded Record of the Year and Record of the Decade in Portugal. Their albums are filled with cryptic references to the Lisbon of the past and the art world, with a special emphasis on the cinema.

Discography: Vol. I (2004), Vol. II – Quando a Alma não é Pequena (2006), Guitars From Nothing (2007), Lusitânia Playboys (2008), Dead Combo & Royal Orquestra das Caveiras ao vivo no São Luiz (DVD, 2010), Lisboa Mulata (2011), A Bunch of Meninos (2014).

Dead Combo were the musical highlight of Anthony Bourdain’s “No Reservations” episode shot in Lisbon. After this episode went on air, their three albums were amongst the most sold albums on iTunes (U.S.A.).

You can know more about Dead Combo here.

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