Coreto Porta-Jazz (Teatro Diogo Bernardes, Ponte de Lima 2017)

Coreto is a group formed by 12 musicians of the new generation jazz scene in Portugal. The group arises in the heart of Porta-Jazz Association with the aim of creating a “space” to explore and materialize an experimental and original repertoire, coming from various creative sources. The performances are rhythmically and dynamically complex and pleasing.

AP: guitar
José Carlos Barbosa: double bass
João Pedro Brandão: flute, alto saxophone
Hugo Ciríaco: tenor saxophone
José Pedro Coelho: tenor saxophone
Daniel Dias: trombone
Ricardo Formoso: trumpet
José Marucho: drums
Hugo Raro: piano
Andreia Santos: trombone
Rui Teixeira: bass clarinet, baritone saxophone

Discography: “Aljamia” (2012), “Mergulho” (2014), “Sem Chão – Ao Vivo na Porta-Jazz” (2015).

You can know more about Coreto Porta-Jazz here here and here.

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