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O GAJO | Cultura de Rua em Caminha

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The project “O Gajo” (Trans: “The DUDE”), alter ego of João Morais (b. 1973, Lisbon) was born in 2016. João is a musician since 1988, and he had several bands in the Rock and Punk circuit such as “Corrosão Caótica”, “Carbon H” or “Gazua”. Mixing folk, rock and fado, with modern musical influences, the compositions are something unique that can sound like fado, but is not fado, or like traditional music, but is not traditional music. He uses one of the oldest Portuguese instruments – the Viola Campaniça – a traditional root instrument with centuries of cultural history, also known as … Continued

Lula Pena em “Ponte de Lima é uma Surpresa” 2020

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Lula Pena is a Portuguese poet, singer-songwriter and composer of fado and world music, born in Lisbon but raised in the world, with an unique, deep voice, inspired by multiple references. “Lula Pena’s music is a living organism. It sails on a strange ocean, bordered by continents called folk blues, flamenco, French chanson, phado (that’s how she likes to spell it), bossa nova and others, grazing them all and leaving none intact.” Discography: Phados (1998), Troubadour (2010) and Archivo Pittoresco (2017). “The 13 tracks of her last album often flow seamlessly into one another, so do the languages she uses (Portuguese, French, … Continued

The Last Internationale – “Ponte de Lima é uma Surpresa”

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The American hard-rock band “The Last Internationale” was founded by singer Delila Paz and guitarist Edgey Pires. The band’s career began in 2013 with the EP “New York, I Do Mind Dying”, followed by the debut album “We Will Reign” released in 2014 on Epic Records. In 2017 they edited “TLI Unplugged” and recently released their third album “Soul on Fire” independently produced and released in February 2019. The rebel rockers, featured with special guest Miguel Marques, took the stage of “Ponte de Lima é uma surpresa” in an acoustic explosive performance, on August 6. During the concert was evident … Continued

The magic of Joan Wasser as a Police Woman (Teatro Diogo Bernardes, Ponte de Lima)

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Joan Wasser (b. 1970), known by her stage name Joan As Police Woman, is an American musician, singer-songwriter and producer. The concert in Teatro Diogo Bernardes was part of her European Joanthology Tour, where she inhabited the space with intimacy and elegance. For her 2019 tour she strips her sound down to its true essence, performing her songbook solo with the piano, guitar and rhythm-box station. “Joanthology” (released on May 2019) is her first career retrospective album, a 43-song collection, with tracks from Joan’s self-titled debut EP in 2004 to her seventh album, “Damned Devotion” (2018). She began her career … Continued

Mazgani & Sean Riley (Teatro Diogo Bernardes, Ponte de Lima)

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This encounter on stage between the Portuguese-Iranian Mazgani (Shahryar Mazgani) and Sean Riley (Afonso Rodrigues), leader of the Slowriders, both talented song writers, accompanied by Victor Rodrigues Coimbra (bass), Isaac Achega (drums) and Pedro Vital (guitar), was more than playing together. The two singers reinterpreted themes from their repertoire, creating a new identity with unique arrangements for the occasion. Them friendship and mutual artistic admiration came often during the concert. You can follow them individual career here and here.

Sarah McCoy – Blood Siren Tour (Teatro Diogo Bernardes, Ponte de Lima)

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Everything you could say about Sarah McCoy is not enough. She is an irresistible seductress, and her radiance unearthly beautiful. Acting as the booming front force, the singer-songwriter Sarah McCoy uses her musical and theatrical training to construct an environment rich with mood. However, all her powerful laughts and cheeky gestures can not hide the extremely vulnerable personality behind her. Sarah McCoy, a street musician and bar pianist in New Orleans pubs where she had acquired part of her musical armor, has a range of timbres and expressive scales like no other singer on the fringes of blues, rock, pop, … Continued

Blind Zero – Teatro Diogo Bernardes (Ponte de Lima, 2019)

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Blind Zero, from Porto and led by Miguel Guedes, are one of Portuguese premier rock bands, celebrating 25 years of career. Blind Zero came together in the early ’90s, releasing their debut EP “Recognize”, in 1995. The first album “Trigger” (1995), was produced by the L.A. producer Ronnie S. Champagne. In 1996, the band recorded the EP “Transradio”, followed by “Redcoast” (1997), “One Silent Accident” (2000), “A Way to Bleed your Lover” (2003) and “The night before and a new day” (2005). “Time Machine (Memories Undone) – Live Best of Unplugged” (2007) is the first unplugged album, a best off the … Continued

  • Ólafur Arnalds, Casa da Música

Ólafur Arnalds | Casa da Música (Porto)

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The music from Ólafur Arnalds is soft and fragile. The mere act of breathing can feel like an intrusion. Like a dream of soundscapes, the music floats ghostly from the stage: two semi-generative self-playing pianos developed by Ólafur and his team, a string quartet and the occasional rush of percussion, all suspended on a sublimely tender blue light show. Arnalds is incredibly warm and engaging. He picks up the microphone with his hands to speak and his humility shines through. The evening ended with Lag Fyrir Ömmu (Song For Grandma) a song he wrote upon her passing, followed by silence, complete and breathless … Continued

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