Castello Branco | Soul vibration at Teatro Diogo Bernardes – Ponte de Lima

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Castello Branco is all heart, and love can transcend to the world through his music. There is a lot of beauty in his compositions, many small details in each corner that turn his songs into instants full of rhythm, happiness, sweetness and nostalgia, dressed by delicate textures, with that touch that only Brazilian musicians know how to bring to their compositions. With an unique sound, delicate arrangements and meditative soundscapes, the musician/songwriter Lucas Domênico Castello Branco Gallo, aka Castello Branco, one of the greatest talents of its generation in Brazil, is touring Europe to present his second work “Sintoma”.

The new album Sintoma (2017) “Is a rescue of the child” (the cover brings Castello Branco at the age of seven) and it is also a mirror, “Mine and from the world where we live. With the book, I was able to learn more about me, about my flaws. When I say ‘cure’, I don’t mean to be pretentious, I’m not going to cure them, but I can propose a healing experience.”,  says Castello Branco. The last album was released four years after the first million of the net loaded «Serviço» (2013), the debut album that leaves one breathtaking from the first time we heard it. Lucas Castello Branco was raised from 3 to 17 years in a monastery founded by his mother in Serra do Capim (Rio de Janeiro), where he had his first contact with music. Many worlds bounced up on Lucas and you can feel it in his magical, supernatural, multi-layered sound. The creation is a very personal process for Castello Branco. It comes from nothing and it comes from many things. From silence and chaos, from family and from loneliness. [Between the two albums he published “Simpatia”, a poetry book where he doesn’t use capital letters and the texts have no title because he doesn’t feel starting or ending anything.]

The European tour band: Thiago Barros Leal Trindade and Ico Dos Anjos.

You can follow the work from Castello Branco here and here, in spotify and his instagram page.

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