Camané (Fado Forte, Vila Praia de Âncora)

IMG 8944

”Camané sang about separation, sorrows, haunting eyes and sad memories, along with some rarer lighter moments. And he sang about fade itself, as a calling and a burden, though he carried them suavely, in long lines that crested and eased back with nuanced theatricality”. (Jon Pareles, New York Times 04/12/2011).

Given the long history of his family within the fado (the heritage of fado in their family stretches back further, at least to his paternal great grandfather–José Júlio–who is known to have recorded in the early twentieth century), it is not surprising that Camané began singing very early, at age eight at the fado house “A Cesária” in Alcântara (Lisbon).

His rerecorded output (his first album, “Uma Noite the Fados”, came out in 1995) is vast and includes longstanding collaborations with the composer José Mário Branco and lyricist Manuela de Freitas.

You can know more about Camané here.

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