NADIA SCHILLING – ” Above The Trees “ | Teatro Diogo Bernardes (Ponte de Lima)
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Nadia Schilling, a Portuguese singer-songwriter, presented last Nov. 16, at Teatro Diogo Bernardes, her debut solo album “Above The Trees”, released November 2017. She edited also “Covers EP” (2015) and the single “Bite the Bullet” (2016). In 2012, Nadia Schilling joined the band Loopooloo. She was also part of a jazz quintet...Continued
VÄLUTE de Rui Neto no Teatro Diogo Bernardes (Ponte de Lima)
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Välute, uma peça criada pelo actor Rui Neto e protagonizada pela actriz Margarida Cardeal, esteve em cena no Teatro Diogo Bernardes, no dia 12 de Outubro. “VÄLUTE é uma peça de teatro sobre um lugar imaginário, um território fronteiro, invisível. Nele tudo é possível. O sonho confunde-se com a...Continued
António Pinho Vargas (piano solo) – Fórum Cultural de Cerveira
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António Pinho Vargas (b.1951) is a Portuguese musician, composer and essayist, specialized in the performance and writing of Jazz and contemporary music. He has also written books, essays and articles on the subject of music. He is one of the few Portuguese – like Luís de Freitas Branco, Vianna da...Continued
O Gajo | Viana Bate Forte 2018
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João Morais, is “O Gajo”. The project was born in Lisbon, in 2016 by the hands of João Morais, a musician since 1988. Mixing folk, rock and fado, with modern musical influences, the compositions are something unique that can sound like fado, but is not fado, or like traditional music,...Continued
Dead Combo | Viana Bate Forte 2018
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Dead Combo are an instrumental Portuguese folk duo created in 2003 following the duo’s contribution to the tribute album “Movimentos Perpétuos – Música para Carlos Paredes” of the late Portuguese guitar player Carlos Paredes. They incorporate a myriad of genres like folk rock, blues rock, avantgarde, neofolk, african, jazz, alternative, world music,...Continued
Elisa Rodrigues | Viana Bate Forte 2018
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The Portuguese singer Elisa Rodrigues is one of the most exciting discoveries in recent years on national jazz. With a deep powerful voice she is not strictly a jazz singer, but her love for jazz conquers all, adding something new even when she reinvents songs. Elisa started singing in...Continued
47 de Fevereiro | Viana Bate Forte 2018
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The members of 47 de Fevereiro come from diverse previous projects as: Touro Retimbrar, Zen, Anger, Souq, Fadomorse, Mi Ku Bô, Teia, Funkyard, Turn Off, Stopestra, Xícara, Mina. They have joined together in 2015 and in March 2018 edited the debut album, “Luta pela Manutenção”. 47 de Fevereiro is not a typical...Continued
OXY PATINA (Costa, Delbecq, Chevillon) | Viana Bate Forte 2018
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“OXY PATINA” (Clean Feed Records, September 2018) is the his first solo album of Mário Costa as a leader, presented in an absolutely stunning concert with two more masterful players: Chevillon (cello), Delbecq (piano, prepared piano, analog synthesizer and electronics). Mário Costa (b. Viana do Castelo, 1986) is a drummer, composer and electronic...Continued
Samsara Blues Experiment (SonicBlast Moledo 2018)
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Founded in 2007 by guitarist/singer Christian Peters, this German trio plays a mixture of stoner rock, psychedelic blues, Indian raga and folk. The band is completed by Hans Eiselt (bass) and Thomas Vedder (drummer). With 10 years of extensive touring experience and 4 albums, their uniquely organic sound is plenty of...Continued
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