Mazgani & Sean Riley (Teatro Diogo Bernardes, Ponte de Lima)
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This encounter on stage between the Portuguese-Iranian Mazgani (Shahryar Mazgani) and Sean Riley (Afonso Rodrigues), leader of the Slowriders, both talented song writers, accompanied by Victor Rodrigues Coimbra (bass), Isaac Achega (drums) and Pedro Vital (guitar), was more than playing together. The two singers reinterpreted themes from their repertoire,...Continued
Sarah McCoy – Blood Siren Tour (Teatro Diogo Bernardes, Ponte de Lima)
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Everything you could say about Sarah McCoy is not enough. She is an irresistible seductress, and her radiance unearthly beautiful. Acting as the booming front force, the singer-songwriter Sarah McCoy uses her musical and theatrical training to construct an environment rich with mood. However, all her powerful laughts and...Continued
ESCÓRIA pela Companhia de Teatro Baal 17 (Teatro Diogo Bernardes – Ponte de Lima)
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A Companhia de Teatro Baal 17 apresentou no passado dia 20 de Outubro, em sessão dupla, no Teatro Diogo Bernardes, a peça de teatro “Escória”, com encenação e dramaturgia de Filipe Seixas, e interpretações de Ana Bárbara Soares, Joana Saraiva e Marisela Terra. Destinada a maiores de 6 anos,...Continued
“Le Fumiste” [TEATRO DE OBJECTOS, CIRCO E MAGIA] – Teatro Diogo Bernardes (Ponte de Lima)
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Davel Puente Hoces criador e intérprete (Companhia Dondavel) Como se pode capturar uma recordação?  Le Fumiste é uma homenagem às memórias de infância e de outros momentos da vida. Recordações de fumo aparecem e bailam diante dos nossos olhos, dialogam com as emoções e enchem o presente de uma forma tão...Continued
Blind Zero – Teatro Diogo Bernardes (Ponte de Lima, 2019)
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Blind Zero, from Porto and led by Miguel Guedes, are one of Portuguese premier rock bands, celebrating 25 years of career. Blind Zero came together in the early ’90s, releasing their debut EP “Recognize”, in 1995. The first album “Trigger” (1995), was produced by the L.A. producer Ronnie S....Continued
TOMARA Casa da Música, Porto 2019
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TOMARA is Filipe C. Monteiro’s musical project, a songwriter, producer and filmmaker based in Lisbon. The debut LP “FAVOURITE GHOST” was released on September 2017. With a folk root, “Favourite Ghost” addresses “the ghosts we have and that, somehow, lose weight when they are accepted.” On stage had been...Continued
  • Ólafur Arnalds, Casa da Música
Ólafur Arnalds | Casa da Música (Porto)
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The music from Ólafur Arnalds is soft and fragile. The mere act of breathing can feel like an intrusion. Like a dream of soundscapes, the music floats ghostly from the stage: two semi-generative self-playing pianos developed by Ólafur and his team, a string quartet and the occasional rush of percussion, all suspended...Continued
  • Márcia
Márcia (Sons de Vez, 2019)
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Márcia is a Portuguese singer-songwriter (b. 1982). She plays since the age of 13 and debuted in 2009 with the EP “Márcia” (Optimus Discos). Her first album “Dá” was released on 2010 (re-edited on November 2011), “Casulo”, the second album, was released on 2013 and “Quarto Crescente” on 2015. The latest...Continued
  • Best Youth
  • Best Youth
Best Youth (Sons de Vez, 2019)
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Best Youth is a Portuguese duo from Portugal (Porto) formed in 2011 by Rocha Gonçalves (Ed Rocha) and Catarina Salinas (Kate), whose sound could be described as clash between electronic indie rock and dream pop. Discography: Winterlies (EP, 2011), Highway Moon (LP, 2015), Cherry Domino (LP, 2018). You can...Continued
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