Blind Zero – Teatro Diogo Bernardes (Ponte de Lima, 2019)

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Blind Zero, from Porto and led by Miguel Guedes, are one of Portuguese premier rock bands, celebrating 25 years of career. Blind Zero came together in the early ’90s, releasing their debut EP “Recognize”, in 1995. The first album “Trigger” (1995), was produced by the L.A. producer Ronnie S. Champagne. In 1996, the band recorded the EP “Transradio”, followed by “Redcoast” (1997), “One Silent Accident” (2000), “A Way to Bleed your Lover” (2003) and “The night before and a new day” (2005). “Time Machine (Memories Undone) – Live Best of Unplugged” (2007) is the first unplugged album, a best off the band, associated with their 13th anniversary. In 2010 is released “Luna Park” and “Kill Drama” in 2013. To celebrate Blind Zero’s 20 years career they released “Kill Drama II” which contains the same songs as Kill Drama performed as duets with different artists. The last album “Often Trees” was released in October 2017.

Members: Miguel Guedes (vocals), Vasco Espinheira (electric and acoustic guitar), Nuxo Espinheira (bass), Pedro Guedes (drums), Bruno Macedo (electric guitar).

You can know more about the band here.

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