Bing & Ruth “no home of the mind” (gnration 2017)

Bing & Ruth is an American electroacoustic experimental minimalist ensemble which includes woodwinds and strings, led by New York pianist and composer David Moore.

“The piano is the language in which my thoughts form,” said David Moore.

Moore is often compared to American minimalists like Steve Reich and Terry Riley, but just like Reich and Riley, Moore’s own music doesn’t easily square with a concept like minimalism.

The debut album was “City Lake”, first released in a tiny run of  250 vinyl copies in 2010, has been reissued in 2015. The second album “Tomorrow was the Golden Age” was released in 2014; and the last album “No Home of the Mind”, in February 2017. The pieces from the new album were arranged for a five-person ensemble, and written on seventeen pianos across North America and Europe over numerous sessions, tours, and travel. The pieces channel the idiosyncrasies and respective limitations of each instrument as inspiration.

Members: David Moore – piano, Jeremy Viner – clarinet, Mike Effenberger – tape delay, Jeff Ratner – bass, Greg Chudzick – bass.

You can know more about this album here and follow Bing & Ruth here.

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