Dead Combo | Viana Bate Forte 2018

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Dead Combo are an instrumental Portuguese folk duo created in 2003 following the duo’s contribution to the tribute album “Movimentos Perpétuos – Música para Carlos Paredes” of the late Portuguese guitar player Carlos Paredes. They incorporate a myriad of genres like folk rock, blues rock, avantgarde, neofolk, african, jazz, alternative, world music, and western compositions, what makes them so innovative. Dead Combo are Tó Trips and Pedro Gonçalves. Their morbid attitude is not only reflected in the band’s name but also in the roles the two take on during their concerts. According to their website, Dead Combo’s two main members “incarnate two characters … Continued

Elisa Rodrigues | Viana Bate Forte 2018

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The Portuguese singer Elisa Rodrigues is one of the most exciting discoveries in recent years on national jazz. With a deep powerful voice she is not strictly a jazz singer, but her love for jazz conquers all, adding something new even when she reinvents songs. Elisa started singing in the Small Singers of Estoril Choir, in 1994. The first album from Elisa, “Heart Mouth Dialogues”, produced by Júlio Resende, was released in 2011. In 2013, she toured the world as part of the UK band These New Puritans for the of the disc “Field of Reeds”. That year Elisa Rodrigues was invited … Continued

47 de Fevereiro | Viana Bate Forte 2018

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The members of 47 de Fevereiro come from diverse previous projects as: Touro Retimbrar, Zen, Anger, Souq, Fadomorse, Mi Ku Bô, Teia, Funkyard, Turn Off, Stopestra, Xícara, Mina. They have joined together in 2015 and in March 2018 edited the debut album, “Luta pela Manutenção”. 47 de Fevereiro is not a typical rock band. They use an association to the world of amateur football, and the struggle for the maintenance in the regional Championships or the second division as an allusion to the whole vision of life and our reality of everyday life. With a very peculiar approach, their experimental rock, within a spectrum … Continued

OXY PATINA (Costa, Delbecq, Chevillon) | Viana Bate Forte 2018

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“OXY PATINA” (Clean Feed Records, September 2018) is the his first solo album of Mário Costa as a leader, presented in an absolutely stunning concert with two more masterful players: Chevillon (cello), Delbecq (piano, prepared piano, analog synthesizer and electronics). Mário Costa (b. Viana do Castelo, 1986) is a drummer, composer and electronic artist. He played in different formations: Emile Parisien – “Sfumato”; Hugo Carvalhais – “Nebulosa” and “Partícula”; Ensemble Super Moderne; Nate Wooley/Hugo Antunes/Jorge Queijo/Mário Costa/Chris Corsano – “Purple Patio”; and Gileno Santana – “Metamorphose”. Costa also participated in projects of Jeff Davis, Carlos Bica + Luis Figueiredo, Sérgio Carolino, OJM, Miguel Ângelo … Continued

Samsara Blues Experiment (SonicBlast Moledo 2018)

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Founded in 2007 by guitarist/singer Christian Peters, this German trio plays a mixture of stoner rock, psychedelic blues, Indian raga and folk. The band is completed by Hans Eiselt (bass) and Thomas Vedder (drummer). With 10 years of extensive touring experience and 4 albums, their uniquely organic sound is plenty of room for psychedelic riffs and a bold relaxed bluesy groove, and their live shows are heralded as euphoric jams and cosmic voyages. Six years after their debut in Portugal, at the second edition of SonicBlast, the German trio Samsara Blues Experiment return to SonicBlast Moledo. Discography: “Long Distance Trip” (2010), “Revelation & Mystery” … Continued

Emmy Curl (Noites no Paço, Arcos de Valdevez)

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Catarina Miranda (b. 1990), known as Emmy Curl, is a Portuguese artist from the northeast of Portugal. She is a singer, composer, stylist and dressmaker, graphic designer and photographer. She began to produce by her self all her songs in her father’s studio when she was only fifteen. It is hard to place Emmy Curl in some genre, her music is acoustic has a lot of Portugality (even the ones written in English), her voice is ghostly, clean and sweet. Her first album was Cherry Luna (2013) and the later one, Navia, was released in 2015. You can follow her here … Continued

Uma tarde com o bebé Diego

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JP Simões (Festival Percursos da Música 2018, Ponte de Lima)

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J.P.Simões (b. 1970) is a Portuguese musician, singer-songwriter, composer and teller of stories, with several albums released, behind projects as Pop Dell’Arte, Belle Chase Hotel and Quinteto Tati. He is also a screenwriter, and occasionally acts. He has given voice to soundtracks for documentaries, and he has appeared in Fernando Vendrell, Edgar Pera, António Ferreira films as well as live performances at Cinema Ideal and Musicbox. He wrote the libretto of “Ópera do Falhado” (2004) sharing the musical creation with composer Sérgio Costa. On television, JP conceived, edited and presented the series of “Quilómetro Zero”, broadcasted by RTP2 in 2008. With a rich … Continued

Camané (Fado Forte, Vila Praia de Âncora)

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”Camané sang about separation, sorrows, haunting eyes and sad memories, along with some rarer lighter moments. And he sang about fade itself, as a calling and a burden, though he carried them suavely, in long lines that crested and eased back with nuanced theatricality”. (Jon Pareles, New York Times 04/12/2011). Given the long history of his family within the fado (the heritage of fado in their family stretches back further, at least to his paternal great grandfather–José Júlio–who is known to have recorded in the early twentieth century), it is not surprising that Camané began singing very early, at age eight at … Continued

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