Até pensei que fosse minha, António Zambujo no Coliseu do Porto (2017)

António Zambujo (born September 1975, Beja, Portugal) is a fado singer and composer. Dedicated to expanding the boundaries of the art form, he merges traditional fado with cante alentejano — a influenced male chant from southern Portugal — and Brazilian popular music.

His professional career started when Mário Pacheco, the renowned Portuguese guitarist and composer, invited him to sing in his Club de Fado, in Lisbon. Not for a long time though. After an audition, António was chosen to take the role of Francisco da Cruz, Amalia’s first husband, in the blockbuster Musical ‘Amália’. He performed continuously during 4 years in Lisbon and after that he toured all around Portugal.

Internationally, António Zambujo has gained the status of one of the leading figures in Portuguese culture over the last few years, having performed live at some of the most important concert venues in every continent of the world.

“Até pensei que fosse minha”, released in October 2016, is composed only of songs by Chico Buarque, such as ‘Chalice’, ‘Valsinha’, ‘João e Maria’, ‘Tanto Mar’ or ‘Geni e Zeppelin’. Chico Buarque recorded with António Zambujo a version of the song “Joana Francesa”, Roberta Sá participates in the theme “Sem Fantasia” and Carminho recorded with Zambujo “O meu amor”.

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Até pensei que fosse minha (2016); Rua da Emenda (2014); Lisboa 22:38 – Ao Vivo no Coliseu (2013); Quinto (2012); Guia (2010); Outro Sentido (2007); Por meu Cante (2004); O mesmo Fado (2002).

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