“Antes que matem os elefantes” | “Before the elephants get killed” OLGA RORIZ COMPANY

Olga Roriz
Oct. 2015

“Where to reopen the path, what’s the subject, the landscape, the goal? Looking for us, for debris.
Going straight… straight ahead, don’t look back. Eyes closed unwittingly to think, the cold, the fear of cold, the hunger.
There, nowhere, a lost place, hard, torn.
There, the place craving for the unknown. Memories on an empty stomach.
The darkness, the body glued to another body and another, and another…
The son against the chest, blanket on the back and suitcases, bags, dolls, into another small hand made of flesh and bone.
Devastated feet, stepped on each dust. The rocks…
The thick sky, an open sky and a head about to crack. No longer knowing about the pain, the anger has been lost.
The doubt, the insecurity and the smallness tires.
Losing a least power, dignity lost, tires.
Demolished the last ray of comfort tires.
Why me?”

Olga Roriz company puts on the stage a contemporary tragedy: the martyred city of Aleppo, the bloodiest side of the civil war in Syria, created as a warning to a collective reflection on the conflict in that country.

Artistic direction and choreography:
Olga Roriz

Beatriz Dias, Carla Ribeiro, Marta Lobato Faria, André de Campos, Bruno Alexandre, Bruno Alves e Francisco Rolo

The company directed by the choreographer Olga Roriz, was founded in 1995, and since than it has been a reference of professional and artistic quality in contemporary dance at a national and international level, during the past two decades. You can know more about Olga Roriz Company here.

2017 performances will take place in Porto (Teatro Nacional São João) January 26, 27, 28; Faro (Teatro das Figuras) February 25; Almada (Teatro Joaquim Benite) April 1; Coimbra April 7 (Convento São Francisco); Braga (Theatro Circo) April 21; Portimão (Tempo) May 20, Vila Real (Teatro Municipal V. R.) September 27.

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