Ana Bacalhau | Viana Bate Forte 2018

Ana Bacalhau

Ana Bacalhau (b. 1978) is a popular and established Portuguese singer well known by the energy and committed performances on stage.

After been part of the acoustic Portuguese “neofado” group Deolinda founded in 2006, one decade later Ana Bacalhau edited her solo debut album “Nome Próprio” (October, 2017). Previously she had been also a fado-jazz punker in a band called Lupanar (2001-2006), and Tricotismo, a jazz and blues trio (2003-2006).

The band: Ana Bacalhau (vocals); Mário Delgado (guitar), Luís Figueiredo (piano), Zé Pedro Leitão (bass) and Marcos Cavaleiro (drums).

You can follow Ana Bacalhau here and here.

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