47 de Fevereiro | Viana Bate Forte 2018

IMG 4874

The members of 47 de Fevereiro come from diverse previous projects as: Touro Retimbrar, Zen, Anger, Souq, Fadomorse, Mi Ku Bô, Teia, Funkyard, Turn Off, Stopestra, Xícara, Mina. They have joined together in 2015 and in March 2018 edited the debut album, “Luta pela Manutenção”.

47 de Fevereiro is not a typical rock band. They use an association to the world of amateur football, and the struggle for the maintenance in the regional Championships or the second division as an allusion to the whole vision of life and our reality of everyday life. With a very peculiar approach, their experimental rock, within a spectrum ranging the psychedelic stoner rock, the use of several languages (Portuguese, Spanish, French and Italian) and a Portuguese guitar is a proof of that.

The band: El Killo (Francisco Beirão): drums, voice, percussion; Capitão Moura (Jorge Loura): guitar, voice; Roque Xandeiro (Nuno Xandinho): Portuguese and electric guitar, voice; Fiscal Santos (Pedro Santos): bass, voice; Capadócio (Rui “Caps” Ferreira): audio.


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